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Catch the Wave with Our Recycled Plastic Wave Top Bags!

Wave Top Bags Pink

If you are looking for an eco-friendly plastic shopping bag for your store, you don’t want to miss our Wave Top Plastic Bags. They are super sturdy and made in the USA at a top-rated environmentally efficient facility. They come in lots of great colors including 100% recycled Black, 80% recycled Red and 25% recycled Aqua, Blazing Pink, Citrus, Purple and Clear.

They feature a cool wave top design with die cut handles and extra wide gusset bottom which allows them to stand up like a shopping bag. Made from Encore® plastics collected in the U.S., they contain no heavy metals above 100 ppm. We offer them in cartons … Read More

A Buyer Checklist for Sustainable Adhesive Labels

Avery EcoFriendly Inkjet Laser mailing Labels 48462.jpg

Q:  Are 100% Recycled Paper Labels Really Eco-Friendly?

I received a call from a person asking whether 100% recycled paper or Kraft paper labels were the better eco-option for their adhesive labels.  The answer was “No”.

For many it may not seem obvious why 100% recycled labels and Kraft paper labels are most often not your best sustainable adhesive label option.  So we’ll discuss that specifically, and also provide an easy-to-use adhesive label buyers checklist to help evaluate truly sustainable choices.

Do 100% Recycled and Kraft Paper Labels REALLY Match Your Sustainability Intention?

It’s helpful to begin our analysis from a big picture view by taking a look at the … Read More

UncommonGoods Launches New Product with Globe Guard® Packaging

custom printed die cut mailer

When your name is UncommonGoods, you are expected to offer unusual, beautiful products and gifts sure to make a great impression.  When the newest, “hot” product is as attractive and unique as their new Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses™, you cannot use a plain old corrugated box to package it. These goblet size glasses are beautiful lead free crystal and understandably fragile, so determining the best internal packaging was even more important than the box appearance.

How to Avoid Multiple Suppliers

The challenge when you need different packaging components is to find the best company for the job. However, you would prefer to avoid dealing with multiple suppliers … Read More

Cary’s of Oregon – Making Custom Printed Branded Green Packaging Effective

Cary's of Oregon, 2 colors on Kraft

We have helped a wide variety of companies create custom printed, ecofriendly packaging for shipping and displaying their products. Some take the minimalist route and are graduates of the “less is more” school of packaging design. Their preference is to work with minimal ink, subtle colors and designs that are often described as simple and clean.

Others customers prefer to use bright, bold colors and very unusual patterns to tell their story. The nice people at Cary’s of Oregon fall into this second category, utilizing a design that is absolutely and most definitely unique. It more than accomplishes the objective we always target which is: packaging that creates a positive Read More

Shipping Boxes for “Meals by Mail” Programs

Plated front lock die cut mailer box

Busy people or those with special dietary needs are a growing market for home food delivery. Whether you are shipping complete meals or just a few ingredients, there are myriad options in packaging and shipping.

A prime example is www.Plated.com that delivers every ingredient you need to prepare a great meal at home, without the hassle of shopping for the various ingredients. We have tried a few of their chef inspired dishes and they are tasty, portioned well, and a tremendous convenience for a couple of busy empty nesters.

As the name would imply, taking a more health focused approach is www.BistroMD.com who also delivers great tasting meals to your … Read More

New! Paper Tube Packaging now available on GlobeGuardProducts.com

3 new stock sizes of paper tube packaging

Paper tubes are a very popular form of packaging for many different products including candles, beauty products, cosmetics, fragrances, and gourmet confections. They are even used to create a unique, upscale package for some soft goods such as tee shirts, swim wear and baby/children’s clothing.

For many customers the minimums for custom printing paper tube packaging are out of reach, or they simply need more flexibility in terms of how they decorate their packaging for retail, promotional or other purposes.  For that reason we are pleased to offer our first group of stock tube packaging with other sizes and varieties to follow.

The Natural Collection is now available in our Read More

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