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My Grand Box subscription program selects Salazar Packaging for their new custom printed mailer box

My Grand Box

We have been very fortunate to have helped now hundreds of brand owners create custom printed corrugated e-commerce and subscription boxes, but few are as unique or will be enjoyed as much as the newest

This box is designed for older people such as parents and grandparents and is a great gift idea as Memorial Day and Father’s Day approach. What senior or loved one does not enjoy receiving a surprise box of “free stuff” carefully selected for them?

We liked the idea so much that we were eager to do the work and add this one to our rapidly growing line up of great looking, subscription boxes. We think the resulting look is perfect and will be easily recognized on a monthly basis by the grateful and happy … Read More


Compostable packaging has come a long way since 2010 when SunChips announced the first 100% compostable packaging. As you may recall, it was less than perfect and was eventually, noisily, pulled from the shelves.

Fast forward five years to 2015 and today you can find a bounty of high-quality, fully compostable and biodegradable packaging solutions. One of the sustainable innovations leading the charge is a compostable film from Innovia called NatureFlex.

We can now produce certified compostable pouches, bags, and labels made from NatureFlex, a renewable, compostable film manufactured in way that is uniquely sustainable. This is not petroleum-based like plastic, and is not made from genetically modified corn like PLA, but rather it is made from wood pulp from sustainably harvested forests. The bags produced from NatureFlex have … Read More

Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer ™ On Sale at Lowest Prices Ever!

Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer

At the risk of sounding like a car dealer, we simply purchased too many and would like to reduce our inventory. It is a common justification for a sale but in this case it is true and the result is the lowest price we have ever had on this incredibly unique product.

The video link below shows a product that you will not find available anywhere else on the internet. It is used to manage and control inventory, as well as to save money by reusing existing packaging and eliminating tape that is unnecessary for temporary case closure application.


On sale through July 31th, 2015

The popular 20 pack is normally $30 for 20 units or $1.50 each. During this sale, the store price is reduced to … Read More

Classic Eco-Friendly Packaging in Kraft, Black or White

Kraft Packaging

Guest post by Priscilla Medders – Graphic Designer – Nashville Wraps

Many times less really is more when it comes to packaging. Simple bags or boxes embellished with a combination of plain black, white and kraft make for a clean, modern style. It’s a bit like a black and white photo: classic, timeless, even a little sophisticated. It also happens to be a very budget-friendly and earth-friendly option, using inexpensive materials like recycled kraft paper and twine.

If you like, you can print some simple labels on a laser printer, using sheets of plain address labels from an office supply store, including a logo in plain black and white (try this effect on your own logo!).

The textures of the materials really had a chance to shine since I wasn’t … Read More

Earth Day: Three Reasons Why Subscription and E-Commerce Packaging Matter

Earth Day

We did not set out eight years ago to become a national leader in custom printed and branded e-commerce and subscription boxes but quite gratefully, it has turned-out that way.

We think it is at least in part because of our early understanding of the role this type of consumer packaging plays in the overall environment. With the incredibly fast rise of web based marketing and order fulfillment, the sheer volume alone dictates that we all assume some level of responsibility and Earth Day is a great time to remind ourselves and others what we do and why we do it.

While healing and protecting the environment is an incredibly complex challenge, we tend to typically take a simplistic approach making it as easy as possible for people to understand … Read More

How to Choose the Best Eco-friendly Labels

Compostable Adhesive Labels


Chose the best eco-friendly labels

How do you choose the right sustainable adhesive label? Which is better, Sustainable or Eco-friendly labels? Should you use compostable labels or recycled labels? or, are you better off with recycle-compatible labels? Read on. We’ll demystify the terms related to sustainable and eco-friendly labels. Not too many years ago there were few green packaging choices, and now it seems there are so many good options to consider. Having more options is great, but it can become confusing, especially when trying to figure out which claims are genuine. As a pioneer in revolutionizing the sustainable label industry, Pure Labels still (and always will) provides the widest variety of genuinely sustainable adhesive labels. When it comes to adhesive labels, choosing wisely demonstrates … Read More

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