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Earth Day: Three Reasons Why Subscription and E-Commerce Packaging Matter

Earth Day

We did not set out eight years ago to become a national leader in custom printed and branded e-commerce and subscription boxes but quite gratefully, it has turned-out that way.

We think it is at least in part because of our early understanding of the role this type of consumer packaging plays in the overall environment. With the incredibly fast rise of web based marketing and order fulfillment, the sheer volume alone dictates that we all assume some level of responsibility and Earth Day is a great time to remind ourselves and others what we do and why we do it.

While healing and protecting the environment is an incredibly complex challenge, we tend to typically take a simplistic approach making it as easy as possible for people to understand … Read More

How to Choose the Best Eco-friendly Labels

Compostable Adhesive Labels


Chose the best eco-friendly labels

How do you choose the right sustainable adhesive label? Which is better, Sustainable or Eco-friendly labels? Should you use compostable labels or recycled labels? or, are you better off with recycle-compatible labels? Read on. We’ll demystify the terms related to sustainable and eco-friendly labels. Not too many years ago there were few green packaging choices, and now it seems there are so many good options to consider. Having more options is great, but it can become confusing, especially when trying to figure out which claims are genuine. As a pioneer in revolutionizing the sustainable label industry, Pure Labels still (and always will) provides the widest variety of genuinely sustainable adhesive labels. When it comes to adhesive labels, choosing wisely demonstrates … Read More

Pookis Mahi Selects Salazar Packaging for New Package Design

2 colors on white semi-custom print

When this fast rising star in the single serve coffee business contacted us, their needs were quite simple:

  1. Create a great looking box to protect their products during shipment
  2. Make it as eco-friendly as possible
  3. Design it in such a way that it could be approved by Amazon for their Frustration Free Packaging® certification

Oh yes, it would be great if it reduced their cost and we could deliver in about three weeks. Not too much to ask if your packaging supplier is Salazar Packaging, Inc.

Great Custom Branded Two Color Design

If you check out their recent press release and their very cool web site , you will see they are very proud of their new box design. They used green and black (water based inks) on a … Read More

100% Recycled Apparel Boxes for Retail Store Packaging

Apparel Boxes - Kraft

Apparel boxes are a staple in retail packaging. Not only are they are essential when gift wrapping clothing, accessories and linens, they add another level of excitement for the recipient when unwrapping a gift. Like our friend Dennis Salazar, we believe boxes are most definitely not boring!

You can find so many options with apparel boxes here at Nashville Wraps. They come in white, kraft and other great colors. The best part is they are made in the USA from 100% recycled paper and part of our Green Way brand of eco-friendly products. They are available in bulk in six sizes along with assortments. Since they are packed flat, they make storage easy at your wrapping stations.

Their easy pop-up design makes gift wrapping a breeze. To make it even … Read More

Rigid Mailers New and On Sale!

Up to six colors custom print

We are happy to announce the addition of paperboard mailer envelopes to our Globe Guard Products green packaging store. Even better, they are on sale through the month of May, 2015!

Paper board, “rigid” mailer envelopes are a welcome addition to our product line up, helping to complete our already extensive line of mailer envelopes that includes padded (bubble) and unpadded poly mailers, padded paper mailers and our very popular unpadded paper mailer envelopes.

What are rigid mailer envelopes?

The best example of rigid mailer envelopes is the typical FedEx, UPS or USPS flat mailer. It is an ideal way to protect and ship flat, low profile products including CD’s, documents, paper samples, sheet music, photographs, calendars and even art prints. Compared to standard paper or plastic mailer envelopes, … Read More

Save 10% and More on Eco-friendly Adhesive Labels

ten percent off

If you’re seeking a great value and savings on your green packaging, including adhesive label stickers, read further.

PURE Labels offers the widest variety of sustainable and eco-friendly adhesive labels at 10% and more discount.

Savings apply to both custom printed or ready-to-print blank label sheets which may be printed at your home or office. A wide and complete variety of sustainable labels are available. Choose from 100% recycled, compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, and recycle-compatible. The labels and adhesives are made from organic, natural, vegan, tree-free raw materials. And, if social responsibility is key to your business, PURE Labels us socially-responsible fair trade produced paper and are the only adhesive label recognized by the Fair Trade Federation.

Get 10% Discount Now

There are 2 easy ways to get a 10% … Read More

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