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100% Recycled and Compostable Packaging Leading the Way in 2013


Sustainable packaging choices are growing faster than ever.  As we look back over a decade, there has been outstanding progress in sustainable packaging innovation.  Even more exciting is the ever growing momentum of sustainability.

Here’s an inside look at the leading sustainable packaging innovations for 2013.

Welcome to the future of sustainable packaging!

This QUICK REFERENCE lists popular sustainable packaging solutions used by world-class specialty brands:

LABELS   (Pressure-sensitive adhesive labels, PSA)

100% Recycle-Compatible All-Natural Labels – PURE Labels™ is the leading sustainable label worldwide.  PURE Labels™ self-adhesive labels are made from an exclusive formulation of recycle-responsible adhesive and unbleached all-natural tree-free paper.  (This beautiful paper is produced from a … Read More

Packaging Made from Coconut Fiber and Hemp Fiber


A blog post starting with Ziggy Marley may seem off topic, but no worries, it will be about packaging.

Have you noticed coconut water is much more prominent at supermarkets now? Health claims for coconut water contribute toward driving the momentum of the coconut trend, and it seems there are more and more companies launching new coconut water drinks. A few weeks ago at the 2012 Expo West Natural Products show I was amazed to see so many new coconut (and also hemp) products that have popped up to chase these latest trends. Products such as coconut spreads, coconut palm sugar, hemp granola bars, hemp shakes, hemp protein and hemp … Read More

Lessons from Chain of Custody (CoC) to Improve Sustainable Handmade Packaging

Handmade packaging

The Chain of Custody-inspired initiative at Distant Village introduces an exciting dimension to sustainable packaging.

As a brief refresher, Chain of Custody (CoC) refers to the chronological documentation and proof regarding extraction, custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of sustainable forest material. In the paper world, it ensures the paper buyer that the paper pulp used for the paper originated from a sustainably managed forest.

As you may know, Distant Village is a devout follower of 3BL sustainability, with an emphasis on transparency of environmental preservation as well as fair trade community and social support.

Distant Village, inspired by the transparency of CoC principles, is adapting a chain of custody … Read More

Sustainable Packaging, the Distant Village Way

distant village sustainable packaging

Distant Village designs beautiful handmade sustainable packaging. We create packaging to help our clients build strong brand identity and communicate an authentic sustainable position.

A lot of people ask “what does SUSTAINABLE really mean?!?! I mean, how do you define it?” There are as many opinions as there are experts. When creating Distant Village in 2000, I carefully thought about this important question because sustainability is the lifeblood and foundation of the company.

This is our view of authentic and sincere sustainability.

Sustainability is a journey. What I mean is, although no products are 100% sustainable, a truly sustainable company must demonstrate a proven and sincere commitment to serving the … Read More

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