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To Kemi or Not to Kemi – Making your custom printed shipping box graphics stand out!

Escape Monthly.com

We are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers create some of the most attractive shipping boxes being sent. These include how to maximize color as well as layout effectiveness. One of the ways we can help accomplish this is with the use of Kemi white or “white top” boards.

Escape Monthly – always looking to improve!

The team that owns and operates this unique subscription box program is one of our favorites because they never sit still or rest on their laurels. Not only do they offer one of the coolest subscription programs available, (they give away free trips) they also understand the importance and … Read More

How to Create an Irresistible Sustainable Brand

Aloha DailyGood Foundation  recycled paper Folding Boxes from Elevate Packaging

The Whole “Brand” Picture

Suppose your product is sustainable.  That is, your product may be 100% organic,
natural, holistic, fair trade, recycled, compostable, or embodies some
über-sustainable attribute.  And, your sustainable product is perfectly designed
for the needs of a booming sustainably-minded consumer market.

It seems you’re ready to grow sales in the sustainable marketplace.  Wait!  A rather important checkpoint remains.  Is the packaging aligned with the sustainable brand promise?  If not, there may be good reason for pause and avoid a potential marketing misstep which could cost much more than your brand reputation.

The sustainable market is growing rapidly.  For example, the organic food segment grew 238% while … Read More

Custom Printed Boxes – the Inside Story

One color print on white inside

Custom Printed Boxes – the Inside Story  

While we help our customers create some of the most beautiful and memorable shipping boxes you will see anywhere, we absolutely hate what USPS, FedEx and UPS do to them. They always look fantastic when they leave the shipping location but are usually less than perfect when they arrive at the recipient’s home or office. Many of our customers have discovered that a great solution is to print the inside of the box, in addition to the outside or in some cases, in lieu of printing the outside.

Unzipped Citizen – Smart Branding Where It Won’t Be Missed

Let’s face it, smaller … Read More

Expect Higher Prices on All Green, Sustainable Packaging in 2014

Rising packaging prices

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on our sister blog site Inside Sustainable Packaging giving readers an idea of what they can expect to see this coming year. If you want to read the whole post, please check out: http://blog.salazarpackaging.com/sustainable-perspective/sustainable-packaging-outlook-for-2014/ but one of the key points I made is that most green minded packaging buyers will likely refocus on source reduction to combat rising prices; in other words – use less.

2014 Increases Already being Announced

The increase notices have come fast and furious and are not shy. While 2 to 4 % might have been acceptable in tougher times, many manufacturers are attempting to catch up with … Read More

BiziBubble Combines Stock and Custom Boxes for New Subscription Program

Bizi Bubble custom and stock refill packs

It is not an unusual problem for subscription and sample marketing programs but often times the product being shipped to new subscribers is different than what is shipped to repeat customers. Not necessarily better or worse, but likely different in terms of content and/or dimensions.

Or the product dimensions and order sizes vary resulting in a shipper box being either too large or too small. This can present a real dilemma and greater unexpected startup (print plate and cutting die) costs for a company who wants to custom brand their boxes.

BiziBubble – a neat subscription program for women

Feminine hygiene products are necessary but not always easy or convenient … Read More

Salazar Packaging – Subscription Box Design Headquarters

One color, reverse print on white boxes

We continue having great fun helping customers and clients develop some of the most memorable and attractive subscription box shippers in use today. Here are a few different types of boxes we have helped design recently:

Mailer and Subscription Boxes – Basic Outside Print

By far the most common for those who like simplicity and the lower initial print plate costs. One or two colors is easy with a 1,000 box minimum in most cases. Three or four colors may require a higher minimum depending on the graphic design. Keep in mind a box can be Kraft (natural brown) or white, on the inside or the outside of the box.  Read More

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