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Smart Organizations Understand the Value of an Eye-catching Custom Printed, Branded Box

Two colors out on white

Some companies and organizations look only at the utilitarian value of a shipping container – “get it from point A to point B”. Others like the two described below understand a shipping box can be much more than that. It can be a very powerful communication tool able to make a lasting, positive impression. They also were pleased to know that a branded box is not much more expensive than a plain, unprinted box, IF you select the right packaging partner.

Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland – two colors on white, inside and outside

Their annual 5K run is a major fund raiser for this organization determined to raise awareness … Read More

Compostable Labels for Compostable Packaging

compostable adhesive labels from pure labels-distant-village

Compostable labels are absolutely necessary for all compostable packaging. There has been a challenge in finding compostable labels in the past, and often the compostable packaging would be ‘contaminated’ with a conventional non-compostable label slapped right onto the compostable packaging. If the end user of the packaging assumed (quite reasonably) that the packaging and label would be compostable, and tossed the packaging away with the non-compostable label, the compost process would be contaminated, and that’s not what anybody would have wanted or intended.

Packaging and Labels – Compostable Together

If using compostable packaging from companies like Be Green Packaging who designs, manufactures and distributes Cradle to Cradle™ certified, tree-free, compostable … Read More

Domestic Packaging Suppliers Have Much to Offer

Trucks are always faster than ships

Those of us who have been around the packaging industry for any length of time watched as jobs and manufacturing went overseas, quickly followed by packaging. Our claims of better quality, faster deliveries, etc. fell on deaf ears as buyers were increasingly attracted to Asia, lured by the great deals that seemed to be available everywhere outside the USA. I recall one particularly excited buyer who said “Free tooling, delivered pricing, comparable quality at less than half the price, how can I possibly resist?” Many did not try to resist but many of those same companies and buyers are now bringing their manufacturing and/or their packaging home again.

What happened Read More

“Chalkboard Wishes” 100% Recycled Christmas Gift Wrap and Bags Are Here!

Chalkboard Wishes Collection

     Everywhere you go on Pinterest, the chalkboard theme is huge! Nashville Wraps’ customers have loved the chalkboard look when we did our “How To Gift Wrap with a Chalkboard Look” blog post. Well now we are bringing the look to our new exclusive Christmas bags “Chalkboard Wishes”.

    At a recent trade show, Dallas Market Center buyers flipped over the entire Chalkboard Wishes Collection which features the popular chalkboard look with “Merry Christmas”, “Peace” and “Joy” text that looks handwritten on the bags. These paper shopping bags are made in the USA from 100% recycled fusion kraft paper. This collection includes coordinating 90-100% recycled gift wraps, gift Read More

E-Commerce and Subscription Boxes – Keeping it simple and green!

custom printed mailer box, one color on Kraft

We have done a tremendous number of multicolor RSC and die cut mailer boxes of every style, size and shape. However, there are times when our clients prefer a minimalist approach to branding. Let’s face it, is there a more effective or minimal branding than the iconic Amazon “smile”?

Keeping it simple and avoiding multiple colors can make a lot of sense from several perspectives including mailer box cost as well as flexographic print plate cost. That does not mean the end result has to look plain or boring. Check out these recent boxes we helped our customers create:

Groovy Lab in a Box – their design makes maximum use … Read More

NEW! Enhanced Digital Print for Packaging Capabilities

multi-color without plates

We are constantly adding new manufacturing partners and potential solutions to our lineup because our customers’ needs are always changing and expanding.

Most of the printing we do on corrugated board and paperboard is high speed flexographic, resulting in great results at the lowest possible cost. However, there are times when more is needed in terms of flexibility or image quality and digital printing fills a very important void for high quality but short run applications.

No Cutting Dies? No Printing Plates? No problem!

While flexographic printing is by far much more economical on a cost per piece basis, it can also be expensive from a startup perspective because the … Read More

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