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Save Money and Reduce Damage with Branded Shipping Box Sizes

PIcky Bars bars

We understand print plates and when necessary, cutting dies, can be costly especially when you are in startup mode. Quite often we will suggest consolidating box sizes to minimize the number of different size boxes a new customer may have to buy, store and use. This is very good advice especially when the usage/volume history has not been determined yet. There is nothing worse than creating a custom size or custom print box and then realizing you have little need for it.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Size Branded Boxes

While it seems I discourage the use of multiple size boxes, I also have to add that there are situations … Read More

Recycling is Working: 100% PCW Recycled Packaging

Elevate Packaging logo

Beautiful Eco-friendly Packaging

 Elevate Packaging (a division of Distant Village, Inc) is proudly offering folding carton paper boxes made from 100% PCW (Post-Consumer Waste). The boxes are made from entirely recycled paper from waste collected from discarded papers from everyday use in offices and households. The most impressive aspect is the quality and beauty of the packaging it creates! This paper is strong, bright, and has impressive shelf appeal with outstanding full-color print quality and enhanced customizable features including embossing, debossing, and die cuts. Sustainable brand owners may now create amazingly beautiful packaging which is eco-friendly, 100% recycled and recyclable. (Also FSC certified!)

 Why 100% PCW?

100% Post-consumer waste has … Read More

Cratejoy Selects Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products for Promo Box

Cratejoy printed RSC box

If you own/manage a subscription box program, you probably already know Cratejoy as a company who can help you accomplish everything you need to do, from web design to inventory, and account management. Certainly there is more to running a successful subscription program than it may appear, and Cratejoy is uniquely qualified to walk you through the entire process.

Recently when they decided they needed a unique, custom printed box for their own promotion and were short of time, they asked us at Salazar Packaging to help them create and manufacture their box beautifully and quickly.

Custom Printed RSC boxes       

Even though most of our subscription box customers choose to … Read More

Ready for a Homespun Holiday?

Burlap Stitch Collection

Here at Nashville Wraps we may not be ready for the colder months ahead. But they will be made a little cozier with our whimsical, homespun Holiday Stitches Collection. These paper shopping bags feature a burlap background with a hand-stitched edged look. Appliques of Christmas trees and snowmen make this a darling collection this season. The best part is the shopping bags are made in the USA from 100% recycled paper and part of our Green Way brand of eco-friendly packaging.

Designer Donna Ritchie explains, “The Holiday Stitches collection was inspired by the ‘bursting with burlap’ trend. There seems to be no end to what you can do with … Read More

Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer – perhaps the perfect sustainable packaging product

Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer

We have had the opportunity to bring many green products to market but one of my favorites is our Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer because it is so unique.

What makes the GGRBS such a green and sustainable product? Here are a few reasons:

  1. It is manufactured out of recycled plastic
  2. It is unlikely anyone will ever wear one out, but if it was no longer needed, (not likely) it can easily be recycled again
  3. When it is used, it can potentially save MILES of costly plastic or paper tape
  4. During its life cycle it can potentially eliminate the need for hundreds or maybe even thousands of corrugated RSC style
Read More

Compostable, Biodegradable Blank Labels

Address Labels_compost

Printable Blank Labels that are Compostable & Biodegradable

PURE Labels is your one-stop online source for eco-friendly blank printer-ready labels. The new 100% Compostable and Biodegradable blank label sheets are available for immediate same-day shipping.

PURE Labels™ has been a trusted leader in eco friendly adhesive labels since 2008. Leading the sustainable adhesive label stickers industry for over 5 years, PURE Labels are once again leading the industry with 100% compostable, biodegradable, and vegan adhesive labels made with natural, fair trade hemp paper.

PURE Labels use Revolutionary New All-Natural Compostable & Biodegradable Adhesives

PURE Labels adhesives are an innovative and new adhesive produced from all natural vegan raw materials in … Read More

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