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Top 3 Trends in Sustainable Packaging to Watch in 2014

Clipper Tea Fair Trade

#1 Fair Trade Packaging

Fair trade continues to gain momentum and the adoption of fair trade practices will accelerate throughout 2014.  Most recently, Patagonia announced they’ll be one of the first major outdoor-clothing companies to offer Fair Trade Certified™ apparel starting Fall 2014.  Larger companies are also making strong fair trade commitments, like Starbucks who now purchases nearly all of their coffee from fair trade producers, and has committed to purchase 100% from fair trade producers by 2015.  The movement to fair trade sourcing is not by mistake; it is a natural development coming from mature sustainability initiatives.  Fair trade makes sense as it aligns with the vision of … Read More

Salazar Packaging – Subscription Box Design Headquarters

One color, reverse print on white boxes

We continue having great fun helping customers and clients develop some of the most memorable and attractive subscription box shippers in use today. Here are a few different types of boxes we have helped design recently:

Mailer and Subscription Boxes – Basic Outside Print

By far the most common for those who like simplicity and the lower initial print plate costs. One or two colors is easy with a 1,000 box minimum in most cases. Three or four colors may require a higher minimum depending on the graphic design. Keep in mind a box can be Kraft (natural brown) or white, on the inside or the outside of the box.  Read More

New Stone Wrap Treeless Gift Wrap is Literally Made from Rock!

Stone Wrap

Remember playing Rock – Paper – Scissors? That is truly what our newest line of gift wraps are made from – rock, actually limestone. So technically it’s rock paper.

Stone Wrap ® Treeless Paper is like no other wrapping paper you’ve tried. It is made from 75% limestone and 25% polyethylene.  This environmentally responsible wrap is a reclaimed by-product of the mining industry that would have been discarded. This paper is made without water or bleach and is recyclable. It’s made in the USA from imported material.

 It has a vinyl feel to it with a luxurious matte finish and cuts and wraps beautifully with no jagged edges like regular Read More

Best Prices on Green Packaging Close Out and Sale Items

9-5-5 die cut mailer on close out

As the end of year approaches it is time for us to take a closer look at our inventory and that usually results in great prices on eco-friendly packaging products. If you have not visited our green packaging store recently at , it may be worth your time to take a look. Here are a few of the items you will see on sale or with dramatically reduced, close out prices.

Green Packaging Close Out Items

Long Boxes – Ideal for umbrellas or other long, tubular products, we have decided to eliminate these from our stock so we are offering great prices on the remaining inventory of our 4” … Read More

A Buyer Checklist for Sustainable Adhesive Labels

Avery EcoFriendly Inkjet Laser mailing Labels 48462.jpg

Q:  Are 100% Recycled Paper Labels Really Eco-Friendly?

I received a call from a person asking whether 100% recycled paper or Kraft paper labels were the better eco-option for their adhesive labels.  The answer was “No”.

For many it may not seem obvious why 100% recycled labels and Kraft paper labels are most often not your best sustainable adhesive label option.  So we’ll discuss that specifically, and also provide an easy-to-use adhesive label buyers checklist to help evaluate truly sustainable choices.

Do 100% Recycled and Kraft Paper Labels REALLY Match Your Sustainability Intention?

It’s helpful to begin our analysis from a big picture view by taking a look at the … Read More

Branded Packaging Options

Custom paper tube packging examples

Gratefully, we are very well known for our custom printed and branded die cut mailer boxes as well as RSC style shipping boxes. We have helped to create a lot of really attractive and unique corrugated box designs. However, corrugated boxes are just one of the many different types of custom printed packaging we offer. A few other popular forms of branded packaging we produce include:

Custom Printed Mailer Envelopes

A customer favorite for custom printing because of the very low (one case) minimum is our unpadded paper mailers available in white or natural Kraft. They are also available in a variety of flat and gusseted sizes. The art and … Read More

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