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As quick as a bolt of lightning, labels will be on sale for 20% off at PURE Labels™ until February 15, 2014.  There are no limits but time is limited, so now is the time to stock up on all your label needs for 2014 by using our online coupon code of SUPERBOWL.

Create standout sticker labels with an organic impact by choosing natural paper labels from PURE Labels and avoid falling into the “sticker robot” trap by using standard kraft labels which are often not using 100% recycled sticker materials.  The sticker guys at PURE LABELS have developed world-class sustainable adhesive stickers which are produced with … Read More

A Buyer Checklist for Sustainable Adhesive Labels

Avery EcoFriendly Inkjet Laser mailing Labels 48462.jpg

Q:  Are 100% Recycled Paper Labels Really Eco-Friendly?

I received a call from a person asking whether 100% recycled paper or Kraft paper labels were the better eco-option for their adhesive labels.  The answer was “No”.

For many it may not seem obvious why 100% recycled labels and Kraft paper labels are most often not your best sustainable adhesive label option.  So we’ll discuss that specifically, and also provide an easy-to-use adhesive label buyers checklist to help evaluate truly sustainable choices.

Do 100% Recycled and Kraft Paper Labels REALLY Match Your Sustainability Intention?

It’s helpful to begin our analysis from a big picture view by taking a look at the … Read More

Cary’s of Oregon – Making Custom Printed Branded Green Packaging Effective

Cary's of Oregon, 2 colors on Kraft

We have helped a wide variety of companies create custom printed, ecofriendly packaging for shipping and displaying their products. Some take the minimalist route and are graduates of the “less is more” school of packaging design. Their preference is to work with minimal ink, subtle colors and designs that are often described as simple and clean.

Others customers prefer to use bright, bold colors and very unusual patterns to tell their story. The nice people at Cary’s of Oregon fall into this second category, utilizing a design that is absolutely and most definitely unique. It more than accomplishes the objective we always target which is: packaging that creates a positive Read More

Sustainable Labels Available Online


Our reputation as a sustainable packaging leader has been built upon more than a decade of uncompromising commitment to 100% sustainable packaging and labels in everything we produce AND by investing in research and development of world-class sustainable packaging before the market even asks for it.  We’ve been serious about creating the future of sustainable packaging since 2000. If you’re seeking best in class sustainable packaging and want to stay ahead of the pack, look no further than Distant Village.


Need sustainable adhesive labels fast?  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Our enormously popular PURE Labels™ are now available online at

Ordering is super … Read More

Top Trends Leading the Future of Sustainable Packaging

100% Recycled Packaging

In my previous blog post I shared new and innovative sustainable packaging developments which included mushrooms, wild grass, banana plant fiber and hemp.  Pretty exotic and exciting stuff!  This is the new normal in packaging.

However let’s take a mountain-top view of packaging’s future directions.  What will be the direction of the sustainable packaging industry?  And more specifically, what will be the trends and areas of growth which will excite packaging leaders and early adopters?

What’s Next?

Indeed, that is everyone’s burning question.  We all wish we had a magic crystal ball, however, leaning on experience from over a decade as a leading innovative sustainable packaging company we have a … Read More

Packaging Made from Coconut Fiber and Hemp Fiber


A blog post starting with Ziggy Marley may seem off topic, but no worries, it will be about packaging.

Have you noticed coconut water is much more prominent at supermarkets now? Health claims for coconut water contribute toward driving the momentum of the coconut trend, and it seems there are more and more companies launching new coconut water drinks. A few weeks ago at the 2012 Expo West Natural Products show I was amazed to see so many new coconut (and also hemp) products that have popped up to chase these latest trends. Products such as coconut spreads, coconut palm sugar, hemp granola bars, hemp shakes, hemp protein and hemp … Read More

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