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Boxes, just plain, brown shipping boxes!

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On our Globe Guard® green packaging web store we offer such a wide variety of new and unique green packaging products that sometimes we forget to mention that our most popular product of all is our standard, unprinted Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping boxes.

Boxes That Deliver a Green Message

The bottom of our Globe Guard stock box features our logo letting the shipper and recipient know that the box is uniquely eco friendly because it is made of our … Read More

Eco-Voila! Holiday Wrapping with a Re-Purpose

Wine bags

Let’s face it, I’m wrapping challenged. I love beautiful wrapping paper but I hate that it’s still not made from recycled paper and that it’s coated and can’t be recycled.

Each year, I drag out lightly-used, carefully stored wrapping paper from years past and then I don’t use it. What seemed perfectly good to re-use doesn’t look good in the light of this holiday season. Or, I try to use newspaper wrapping but somehow cartoons and bad news don’t really … Read More

Custom Printed Boxes are a “Standard” Product for Salazar Packaging

Custom printed box

Globe Guard is where we offer our assortment of our Globe Guard 100% (PCW) recycled content boxes. We offer more than 40 of the most popular sizes, in stock and available to ship immediately to satisfy your needs. Many “stock box suppliers” will not even attempt to make custom printed shipping boxes, but it is what we do on a daily basis.

Common Misconceptions about Custom Printed Boxes

One of the most pleasing aspects of working with people … Read More

Lessons from Chain of Custody (CoC) to Improve Sustainable Handmade Packaging

Handmade packaging

The Chain of Custody-inspired initiative at Distant Village introduces an exciting dimension to sustainable packaging.

As a brief refresher, Chain of Custody (CoC) refers to the chronological documentation and proof regarding extraction, custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of sustainable forest material. In the paper world, it ensures the paper buyer that the paper pulp used for the paper originated from a sustainably managed forest.

As you may know, Distant Village is a devout follower of 3BL sustainability, with an … Read More

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